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Posted By: Nri Malayalee May 19, 2013

tPm_n BâWn

amkn-tUmWn-b:bp-tWmkv-tImbpw amkn-tUm-Wn-b³ K-h¬saâpw kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨ aq-óma-Xv tem-I kÀÆ-a-X k-t½-f-\-¯n-\v k-am-]-\-ambn. a-ZÀ sX-sc-Êm-bp-sS P³-a-\mSm-b kv-t¡m¸ntbm ]-«-W-¯nð 2013 sa¿v 9þ13 h-sc-bm-bn-cp-óp k-t½-f\w.aq-óv Znh-kw \o-ïp \n-ó k-t½-f-\-¯n-sâ hn-jbw” Freedom and Diginity- Fundamental valuse in Inter-Human, Inter- Religious and Inter Cultural Relations‘ F-ó-Xm-bn-cp-óp.cm-{ã-¯-e-h³-am-cpw,a-X-t\-Xm-¡-fpw, ]-Wv-Vn-X-cp-apÄ-s¸-sS 50 cm-Py-§-fnð \n-óm-bn 160 Hm-fw ]v-Xn-\n-[n-IÄ k-t½-f-\-¯nð ]-s¦-Sp¯p.

amkn-tUm-Wn-b³ kw-kv-Imcn-I a{´n tUm. F-en-k_-¯v an-se-hv-kv-¡ A-²y-£-X h-ln-¨ D-Zv-Lm-S-\ k-t½f-\w amkn-tUm-Wn-b³ {]-[m-\-a{´n \n-t¡m-f {Kq-sh³-kv-In D-Zv-LmS-\w sN-bv-Xp.bp-tWmkvtIm No-^v tImÀ-Un-t\-äÀ tUm. Bð-s_À-enâ,amkn-tUm-Wnb³ HmÀ-¯sUm-Iv-kv k-`m X-e-h³ A-`nh-µy kv-sä-^m³ Xp-S-§n-b-hÀ {]-kw-Kn¨p.

C³-Uy-bnð \n-óp-f-f c-ïv {]-Xn-\n-[n-Ifn-tem-cmfmb tUm. Ip-cn-bm-t¡m-kv sX-tbm^n-tem-kvsa-{Xm-t¸m-eo-¯" 'Living Together by Respecting Diversities"F-ó hn-jb-s¯ Ip-dn-¨v {]_-Ôw A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨p.amkn-tUm-Wn-b³ {]-[m-\-a{´n \n-t¡m-f {Kp-h³-kvIn,{]-kn-U-âv tUm.tPmÀ-Öv Chm-t\m-hv,kw-kv-Imcn-I h-Ip-¸v a{´n tUm.F-en-k_-¯v an-se-hv-kv-I,amkn-tUm-Wn-b³ k-`m-X-e-h³ F-ón-h-cp-am-bnsa-{Xm-t]m-eo-¯m Iq-Sn-Imgv-N \-S-¯n.a-ZÀ-sX-c-Ê-bp-sS P³-a-`q-anbm-b amkn-tUm-Wn-bmbpw IÀ-½-`q-anbm-b `-m-c-Xhpw X-½nð _-Ô-§Ä Iq-Sq-Xð Zr-V-am-¡m³ Fñm {]-hÀ-¯-\-§f-Dw \-S-¯p-sa-óv {]-[m-\-a{´n \n-t¡m-f Iq-Sn-Im-gv-N-bnð A-Sn-h-c-bn-«p ]-dªp.

kn-dn-bm-bnð \n-óp X-«n sIm-ïp t]m-b sa-{Xm-t]m-eo-¯m-am-cp-sS hn-tam-N-\-¯n-\p-f-f \-S-]-Sn-IÄ kzo-I-cn-¡p-ó-Xn-\p-f-f {]-ta-bw k-t½-f-\-¯nð A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨p. bp-F³ C-¡mcyw k-Po-h-am-bn ]-cn-K-Wn-¡p-sa-óv bp-F³ {]-Xn-\n[n  tUm.B³ s_ñn³-U Dd-¸p \ðIn.

\n§fpsS A`n{]mb§Ä ChnsS tcJs¸SpˉpI

ChnsS sImSp¡pó A`n{]mb§Ä F³ BÀ sF aebmfnbpsS A`n{]mbamhWsaónñ

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